Will’s Weird (First Stab) at an Infographic

This is my first stab at creating simple infographics for fun.  Obviously this isn’t like anything that comes out of Column Five Media.  I should have posted this a while back.  Out of the spirit of accountability, I’m just going to continue posting stuff that I’m creating on the go.

After chatting with my friends Adrienne from Indie Coffee Passport and Gabriel’s take on learning, I’m going to continually choose an infographic to “copy” and best replicate, set a deadline and see what happens.  I can only get better from here.

In any case, what I’ve learned so far has been nothing but theory.  I haven’t learned anything when it comes to creating something from beginning to end.  The TutsPlus Information Graphics premium course was “okay” as a primer, but it didn’t have any sort of assignments to reinforce what was learned.  Right now I’m just loosely following the How to create an outstanding infographic tutorial.

Here I was just messing around with gradients, font (whichstill have to learn more about typography), the included chart tools and just having data organized, and just general layout.  This is a pretty rough piece of work, but let’s see how things go.

Weird infographic