If you’re in tech, these are the email newsletters you should subscribe to

startup digest logoOver a year ago, I made the deliberate choice to cut down on the noise and just receive the content that mattered to me and I cared about. From cutting down all app notifications that I deemed non-essential, to emails that I didn’t really care for – I unsubscribed. I had to be ruthless to maintain a sense of quiet so I could focus on important things without being interrupted.

I wanted to control when I responded to messages and have information bubble up at MY convenience rather than constantly being interrupted.

If you’re working in tech or have a modicum of interest in the space, I’m sure you’re already been bombarded with emails from every direction which can be annoying and decrease your productivity if you’re not making a concerted effort to tame the noise.

Increasing my productivity by signing up for emails

It’s kind of funny that as a Curator of the Toronto Startup Digest, that it didn’t occur to me earlier. Recently, I’ve found myself subscribing to more emails for interests that were up my alley and curated by other folks or crowdsourced – only the best content as judged by humans bubbles up to my attention.

In an effort to up my productivity and curbing my habits for checking Hacker News, I started signing up to have emails pushed to me so I could check out content at my own convenience rather than pulling information and checking out Hacker News or (insert-whatever-website-here) that I may be into. I’ve derived tremendous value in terms of saving time and upping my productivity and maybe you will too. Here’s my list of my favourite newsletters for those in the tech world.

The Email Newsletters you should subscribe to


Startup Digest – Founded by Chris McCann and Brendan McManus and now owned by the folks behind Startup Weekend, the Startup Digest has an email newsletter in pretty much every corner of the world that has a thriving tech scene. I curate for the Toronto Startup Digest along with Josh Sookman. We only include the best startup related events that we would personally want to go to. If you’re looking for the best tech related events and connect in the space, Startup Digest is the newsletter to sign up for. We do the dirty work of finding the best events so you don’t have to.

General Tech:

HN Digest – if you check out Hacker News as much as I used to, it can get pretty distracting and before you know it you’ve spent an hour on HN. I set it to every 2 days for the digest to be sent to me, which works well for me.


Designer News  – the “Hacker News” for Designers, Designer news has a newsletter option that members are automatically opted into. They send out their automated newsletter with the best content of the week every Sunday at 8 PM.


Benedict Evans – recently tapped to join the team at VC firm Andreesen Horowitz, Benedict has been one of the more prolific analysts on all things mobile and curates an awesome weekly newsletter along with brief commentary.


Inbound.org – dubbed as the “Hacker News for Marketers” and started off by Dharmesh Shah of Hubspot (the folks who made created the term “Inbound Marketing”) and Rand Fishkin of Moz, Inbound is the place to be for online marketers of every discipline. There’s more of a slant towards SEOs, but still a very good resource.

GrowthHackers.com – launched not so long ago by Sean Ellis of Qualaroo – the guy who coined “Growth Hacking”, it’s another “Hacker News for Marketers” but more towards growth hacking than SEO. They have some awesome case studies on growth hacking executed on a high level and has Sean Ellis very active in the comments to spur conversation and engagement amongst the Growth Hacking community.

Moz Top 10 – whether you use their inbound marketing software or not, Moz curates their own “Top 10″ posts on all things online marketing. While it’s skewed towards the SEO community (that’s where they started out), they’ll have gems in each and every one of their emails.

Data Science / Visualization:

Data Tau – a Hacker news for data scientists – it features all things data for fledgling and experience data science or those who are interested in leveraging data for their endeavours.

Product Management:

Product Weekly – a curated list of product management related articles personally handcrafted and curated by Chris Long of Shopify.

Product Management Handbook – this is pretty much a 2 for 1 – you get an awesome ebook on how to become a better product manager and you get a once every so often curated email with product management related articles.

Product Hunt – get inspired and up to date with the latest and greatest products with their daily emails

Software Development:

While I’m not a developer, I am learning and I find it useful to stay on top of what’s going on in the development community.  Here are a few that might be up your alley if you’re in a developer.

Ruby Weekly – http://www.rubyweekly.com
Python Weekly – http://www.pythonweekly.net
Node Weekly – http://www.nodeweekly.com
PHP Weekly – http://www.phpweekly.com
Javascript Weekly http://javascriptweekly.com/
HTML5 Weekly – http://html5weekly.com/
Wordpress Weekly – http://wpmail.me/
iOS Dev Weekly – http://www.iosdevweekly.com
Android Weekly – http://www.androidweekly.net
Software Lead Weekly – http://www.softwareleadweekly.com

Hardware Development:

I haven’t found any newsletters that curates hardware related news. Know of any? Tweet me.

Venture Capital:

Mattermark – curated daily by none other than Danielle Morrill, Mattermark’s emails are jampacked full of VC goodness and other relevant news.

Disruption.vc – a newsletter by Paul Singh of 500 Startups for his new venture, Disruption Corporation. They offer a weekly newsletter on all things VC and private markets.
CB Insights – brought to my attention in the comments by the CEO Anand Sanwal himself – I took a look at it and it’s pretty damn good!

The one email that you should be getting:

Quibb logo

While not a pure email newsletter, I’ve derived tremendous value from Quibb. While it’s free, you need to apply to get in.  I choose to pay $3 a month simply because the community and the content in their emails I get from them are that good.

Run by Sandi MacPherson, a Canadian ex-pat and someone I’ve had the pleasure of meeting while she was in Toronto. Quibb is described as ” a professional network to share industry news and analysis”.  I seldom visit their website, but I’ve derived a ton of value from the articles that the top notch community shares. Seriously, if there’s one email I look forward to it’s Quibb’s and 80% of the content that’s in the newsletters shared by the community I want to take a look at. While I’m a passive user, the community on Quibb is unparalleled (and I hope it stays that way!) as they’ve attracted the who’s who of tech with folks like Andrew Chen, Andrew Weissman, Tom Tunguz, William Mougayar and Noah Kagan among many others.

Honourable mention:

Quantifire – okay this is a bit self serving to ask you to sign up for my newsletter. Right now I’ll cover stuff spanning from growth marketing, learning hacks, life hacking, productivity and quantified self.  I promise to send only good stuff  :)

Are there other email newsletters in tech that you enjoy that I’ve missed?

  • http://www.4044walnut.com Anand Sanwal

    Good list. Quibb is def pretty awesome.

    Also, for tech, financing and M&A trends, I’d throw CB Insights into the mix. Here’s a couple of recent examples so you can judge for yourself. We issue 3 per week.

    Last one covers trends in language learning apps, 2013 Tech exit and Li-Ka Shing’s VC fund. cbi.vc/1kvtBu2

    Prior one looked at Goldman Sachs’ startup investments, healthcare IT and the Slack app phenomenal recent run-up. http://t.co/fKBBDIhv0r

    You can sign up here — http://cbi.vc/1kEPRSi

    Don’t hesitate to reach out if any questions. I’m one of the co-founders.


    • http://www.quantifire.net/blog Will

      Hey Anand,

      Thanks for chiming in. Looks like you’ve got a great newsletter. Will add CB Insights on the list as well.



  • http://www.kalif.ca Gezim Hoxha

    Hey Will,

    I’m the creator of HN Digest. Thanks for including it in your list; very glad you find it useful :-)

    P.S.: Is Disqus messing with me?! I commented on this yesterday.

    • http://www.quantifire.net/blog Will

      Hey Gezim,

      Awesome – thanks for creating HN Digest :)

      I’m not sure – I only got your comment a day ago! =/

      Thanks for stopping by though

      • http://www.kalif.ca Gezim Hoxha


        One of the newsletters I’ve found useful that’s missing from your list is JavaScript Weekly (google it since I can’t link it here because disqus must be marking it as spam).


        • http://www.quantifire.net/blog Will

          Thanks Gezim! Added it.

  • http://aboutbrent.com/ Brent Turner

    Hi Will — one I highly recommend:
    Tech and Leadership News (TLN) http://www.techleadershipnews.com

    The sign up page does not look like much, but it is a friggin fantastic bi-weekly newsletter.

    PS: we share similar tastes in newsletters. I’m an early Quibb paid supporter and big fan of Ed Fry (the manager of Inbound.org).

    • http://www.quantifire.net/blog Will

      Hey Brent! Thanks for the suggestion.

      I don’t know how I missed your comment – sorry about that.