Coffee and Me – 2011 year in review

Partly inspired by Brad Feld’s recent blog post “My 2011 By The Numbers” and of course Nick Felton’s “Feltron Annual Reports” – for those who know me, I’m passionate about amazing “indie” coffee and I’m a personal data obsessed nerd.  Mix those two together and this is what you get.  Special thanks goes to my friend Malcolm Bastien for introducing me to Daytum :-)

At last! After a full year (since January 2nd 2011) of painstakingly collecting and manually entering my personal data for stuff I found to be most important (one of them being coffee of course) into Daytum, I can tell a story through numbers – sheer and glorious data that I sliced and diced for my own interest and maybe even yours if you want to peek into my unhealthy obsession of personal data and coffee.

Through this data I’ve collected through Daytum’s web app, iPhone app and mobile web view as well as’s web, iPhone and Android apps, I’ve been able to capture an almost 360 degree view for the 365 days of 2011 of my coffee tendencies.  From number of speciality coffee drinks I’ve had, the different types, the time between drinks and the amount spent.  Save for location data, which was a bit of an after thought after I deleted my Foursquare account.. but that’s another story.

Coffee numbers for 2011

Total Coffee Consumption for 2011

In 2011, I’ve had 446 cups of coffee in all of its glorious forms, with my most popular drinks being the Americano at 161 cups, home brewed Aeropress at 140 cups and 42 cups of Cappuccino to round out the top three.

This year amounted to 1.22 cups of coffee per day, which isn’t as bad as some of my coffee enthusiast counterparts (looking at you Espresso Adventures ;-) and my professional barista counterparts.

In terms of precise time breakdown.. I’ve had a cup of coffee every 18 hours, 37 minutes and 57 seconds :-)

Unfortunately, I’ve had about 21 cups of “Shit coffee” that accounted for 4.7% of my coffee consumption for 2011 because I was in dire need of crack coffee (insert Tim Horton’s, Starbucks, etc) and none of my indie coffee joint mainstays were within immediate walking distance.

One notable and “innovative” approach to coffee I discovered was from Mercury Espresso Bar’s “Coffee Pop”, which was a mix of Cold Drip Coffee and Eska Carbonated Spring Water.  It really has a refreshing kick of caffeine in the morning or on a hot summer afternoon.

Average Cups of Coffee Per Day 2011


Total Amount of Coffee 2011 Pie Chart


For those who are wondering the “Godly Espresso” and “Godly Chemex” were my taste of this year’s 2011 Cup of Excellence Winner in Colombia from Arnulfo Leguizamo’s Primavera Farm, which scored an unmatched 94.05 points and fetched a record $45.10 per pound, which amounted to over $100,000 going straight back to the farmer in the auction.  The beans were roasted by Te Aro Coffee and George Howell’s Terroir Coffee.  Thank you to Andy’s (at Te Aro) team for roasting the delicious coffee and Matt at Mercury for hosting the blind tasting via Chemex brew method pitting Toronto’s very own Te Aro vs George Howell’s Terroir Coffee.  I’ll leave out who won the blind tasting ;)

Coffee spending for 2011

Hot damn, I didn’t really anticipate this, but I spent close to $1000 on coffee alone!!   I don’t have any other comparison to other people’s coffee consumption habits, but (for me) that’s a lot of friggin’ money!  This excludes my “coffee gadgets” such as my Aeropress and Hario Hand Grinder.

Another insight, however, is that had it not been for buying my Aeropress, if I were to assume that each of the 141 Aeropress coffees I’ve made myself, that would’ve easily been an extra $423 alone (141 x $3 / cup average) had I bought Americanos in their place.

As for why Te Aro and Mercury take the lion’s share (78.8% – how’s that for Pareto’s Law by the way??) of my coffee expenditure, it was mostly because of geography cuz I live in the ‘hood… and because I believe Leslieville offers the best coffee in Toronto… Hands. Down ;)

Or for those who like pretty graphs instead… Coffee Spending 2011 Pie Chart Coffee spending 2011 horizontal bar graph

And a line by line breakdown of the year… Coffee Spending 2011 Summary

Next year I’ll aim for cutting my coffee expenses by 33% because $1000 is a lot of money spent on coffee.  Additionally, I’d like to add more rich location data with heatmaps of where I’m going for my coffee, use my Chemex a tad bit more, and to write more helpful articles on finding and making great coffee at a fraction of the price without sacrificing quality.

This is just a stepping stone in terms of investigating how personal data visualized intersects with goal setting.  My hypothesis is that by unearthing certain tendencies through sucking in data, aggregating in a visual format and giving the ability to slice and dice it in a multitude of ways can be meaningful and measurable can actually help increase the quality of our lives.

Well there ya have it folks.  My 2011 Coffee Year In Review :)


  • David S.

    Only one thing to say…wow! That’s impressive. (I guess that was two things.)

    • Will

      Thanks David!  Guess you’re a bit of a foodie too huh?  Checked out your blog :)  How did you find this post of mine?

      • David S.

        I found it on the Te Aro FB page.  
        (I’m trying to figure out a way to follow your blog, but can’t. Feel free to follow mine. ;-) )

        • Will

          For sure

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  • William Mougayar

    That’s really cool data Will. Is this tracked via Mint?

    Who makes the best cortado? Some italian places don’t even know what it is.

    I don’t see Cafe Noir.

    • Will

      Hey William!

      I haven’t been to Cafe Noir yet! I’m seldom in that area let alone heard of them because I’m in the bubble of of cafes that are on the Indie Coffee Passport and the former Disloyalty Card tour.

      I’ll make the trek and let you know what I think?

      As for the data … if you’re making purchases via Debit or Credit card, it will be tracked with Mint.  Cash purchases, however, need to be entered manually via the web app, iPhone or Android app if you want to capture and measure that data.

      It takes a bit of time cleaning up the data by properly tagging and naming everything, but to see everything on an aggregate basis is pretty darn cool!

      As for “Best Cortado”?  It’s all subjective.. but I really enjoy Mercury’s Cortado’s because they serve George Howell’s coffee.. their super light roasts are heavenly! :D

      • William Mougayar

        Cool. I like Cafe Noir; it’s my favorite now. And Zaza is in a class of its own for the espresso shots. Also Betola Di Terroni isn’t bad for Cortado. Check out my foursquare pics.
        – posted via Engagio

  • Greg

    My opinion: if you enjoy coffee, which is obvious that you do, you shouldn’t feel bad about spending that much money on it. You should be worrying about cutting the things that aren’t enjoyable out.

    • Will

      Hi Greg,

      Thanks for the comment.  Good point.

  • olivia skye

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