Weekly Review – July 22, 2012

Financial Freedom – expenses were in the acceptable range this past week as I’m not lavishly spending more than what I earn.  I put in about 80% of my after-tax pay into my debt which is good.  I’ll have to curb my spending by strictly sticking to cash.  Once I’m out, I’m out.  Now it […]

Weekly Review – July 15, 2012

Financial Freedom – I’m back on the right track! I just need to be cognizant to not carry around my credit card as often and leave it more at home. I should leave just enough in cash and on my debit card to cover expenses while I aggressively pay down my debt.  Right now, with […]

Weekly Review – July 1, 2012

Financial Freedom – it’s a new month! Definitely wasn’t a stellar June, but this month should be a marked improvement over last month now that I’ve got a handle on my discretionary budget.  The keys to having a stellar month are as follows: – paying everything  off with just enough to cover pre-determined discretionary expenses […]

Weekly Review – June 24, 2012

Financial Freedom – this month’s progress has been off the mark when compared to the expectations of myself, but after having giving back the money owed to my brother slowed me down, but things should be interesting in the coming months as I’ll be trying a few experiments. Fitness Phenomenon – I didn’t go to […]

Weekly Review – June 17, 2012

Financial Freedom – still on pace and spending less than I make! However it did suck that I lost my Metropass Fitness Phenomenon + – worked out 4 times this week, 3 of which were Crossfit workouts. My chest and triceps were sore for 3 days lol. On another note, I’ve decided to drastically cut […]