Coffee and Me – 2011 year in review

Partly inspired by Brad Feld’s recent blog post “My 2011 By The Numbers” and of course Nick Felton’s “Feltron Annual Reports” – for those who know me, I’m passionate about amazing “indie” coffee and I’m a personal data obsessed nerd.  Mix those two together and this is what you get.  Special thanks goes to my […]

Real men don’t put sugar into their coffee

Of course the title of this post is a tongue in cheek statement.  It annoys me profoundly witnessing people unknowingly ruining the natural “sweetness” and flavours of coffee by dousing a perfectly good espresso (insert your drink of choice here) with a packet of sugar or artificial sweetener (the horror!). For those who protest “it’s […]

Toronto’s Indie Coffee Passport In Retrospect

What do you get when there’s a burgeoning independent coffee scene in Toronto that’s craving for a better cup of coffee than the usual suspects and looking to explore the city?  The Indie Coffee Passport, that’s what. With a slogan like “24 coffee shops.  $25 dollars. 7 months.  1 passport“, you immediately understand what the […]