Quantifire.net is a humble attempt at tackling my take on growth marketing, measurement, collecting data and personal development.

About Will Lam

will lam

I guess you could call me the founder and CMO (Chief Measurement Officer) of Quantifire.net, but really, it’s just a personal blog filled with stuff I’m interested for now.

My inspirations for getting into this space in the first place stemmed from being amazed by Nicholas Felton’s (Feltron) “Personal Annual Reports”.  It really resonated with me at the time because I was formerly an accounting students and really passionate about personal development.  When I saw Felton’s Personal Annual Report, it was mindblowing. The ability to see one’s own data being collected at year end, and presenting not only beautifully, but in a way that told a story about your data in the simplest fashion. Naturally, I saw an opportunity – instead of having an Annual Report at year’s end, why not constantly and having the ability to serve your data at any point in time for you to slice and dice your data in whatever way you want. If you have goals and are constantly measuring that, how powerful will that be?

Currently I’m a Product Manager at Postmedia Labs and Curator of the Toronto Startup Digest.  In a former life, I was the founder of a failed startup GetDateIdeas.com funded by Extreme Venture Partners that didn’t get very far, an Inbound Marketing Consultant at Powered by Seach, a Program Manager at Extreme Startups. My background is in Accounting and thankfully I didn’t follow through on it as a career. I’m an avid CrossFitter, personal analytics junkie, and coffee nut.  I’m horrible at Ruby on Rails (but getting better).

The tools I use for measurement are :
– Mint.com for Personal Finances
– Fitocracy.com for measuring my Fitness
– MyFitnessPal for calorie tracking
– Sleep as an Android and Sleep Cycle for measuring the quality of my sleep
– iDoneThis for Daily dones
– LiftApp for Daily Dones
– RescueTime for my productivity and of course time.
– Daytum.com for other things that I want to measure
– Github for my commit history (duh)
– ReporterApp for random reports (also from Nicholas Felton)