2012 – A Brief Year in Review

This is my last review of the year! It’s certainly been a year full of more downs than ups, but has certainly ended off with a strong finish due to taking on a lot of upfront short term pain for long term gain.

It’s been interesting to see how my year has evolved where my areas of focus have been whittled down from 5-6 areas (which wasn’t really sustainable) down to 3 areas. It used to include “Productivity” and “SEO/Career”, but I found those redundant as the goals tied to Career were closely related to “Learning”. Productivity was an area that was getting a bit redundant as I was more or less writing about the same stuff over and over, and didn’t feel it was a valuable exercise as I had RescueTime running the background at all times. One thing to note, is that having moved back to iOS after picking up an iPhone 5, I’ll be losing much more granular data on the smart phone level, which I will sorely miss. Perhaps that will merit a blog post in and of itself.

Financial Freedom – It’s been a lot more relaxed this past month in terms of how closely I’m monitoring the purse strings due to the holiday season and boxing week :) I’ll be around a manageable “low few thousands” mark in terms of outstanding debt, which was forecasted and accounted for.

Milestones to work towards: pay off the rest of my credit card debt and finally have savings! And finally create a stream of passive income.

Fitness Phenomenon – I went to Muay Thai this past week for the first time in ages after Gabe had nagged and bugged me and finally reeled me in with a free class. Of course, I got my ass kicked, as it was weird doing wide arm push-ups with boxing gloves on. I was wincing in pain like a little girl because my poor shins hurt, but it was great nonetheless. A great cardio exercise overall. I’ll take up Muay-Thai classes in the future, but for now, I’ll stick to Crossfit until I get the swing of things in the new year. I should probably vary the styles of push-ups I do instead of doing exclusively military hands-removed push ups.

What I’ve done – worked on improving form and briefly touched upon Olympic weightlifting and found a love for it. Finished Murph in 1:01:14 back in August 2012.

Fitness Milestones: Be a lot more vigilant in terms of what I eat. Going to the gym 4 times a week regularly (up from 3) and putting a strong emphasis on strength rather than metabolic conditioning in the WODs. Can’t wait to start digging into Starting Strength! Make the Crossfit Toronto competition team by June 2013.

Learning – this is something I’ll have to aggressively pursue and narrow the scope during the new year. This past year has been mainly SEO/Inbound Marketing due to working at Powered by Search, but for the new year, I want to have a broader outlook in terms of online marketing. Specifically, I’ll be learning about “Growth” – be it lifecycle email marketing, growth hacking, technical marketing, SEO, Content Marketing – anything and everything related to growth, programming (for automation) and data analysis would be within my scope of learning for 2013.

What I’ve done: finished my last course at Ryerson University! :) While I didn’t continue with Corporate tax, I chose the path of least resistance and made the switch to Ethics in Finance and am thankful for it.

Milestones for learning – finish Udemy Excel course, finish Udemy Growth Hacking course, learn Adwords, finish and keep up to date with DistilledU, learn how to build a simple Rails app, learn the ins and outs of WordPress.

Some other areas I’d like to add would be “Travelling” to expand my horizons so-to-speak, but I’m not sure if I’ll be doing that frequently enough to be able to write about it. A safer statement would be to visit two continents outside of North America. I think I should be half way there by March’ish due to the Startup Weekend/Startup Digest Worldwide meetup in Rio De Janeiro, but we’ll see.

Anyway, 2012 was a challenging year, but onwards and upwards for a stellar 2013!