What Does It Mean To Bootstrap?

Not so long ago (actually 30 minutes before I started working on the second edition of my Bootstrapper’s digest), I started thinking about the definition of what a “Bootstrapper” is and it means to bootstrap a business and the steps it takes to be able to ship something of value, but I couldn’t clearly find something […]

What Mailchimp’s Marketing Automation Feature Means for Startups

Recently, Mailchimp made the announcement for their Marketing Automation feature, which brings them into direct competition with marketing automation companies and their lower end offerings. I don’t know about you, but I squealed with delight when I found out about it over on Product Hunt, mostly because features very similar to Mailchimp’s automation feature were […]

Can Product Management Be Taught at School vs Learning by Doing?

Over on Product Hunt, there’s been some interesting discussion going on about the recently announced their Product Management immersive bootcamp offered by General Assembly. For the price of  $10,500 USD, the immersive bootcamp runs over 10 weeks comes at a pretty hefty price, but is it able to deliver quality junior PM’s is an unanswered […]

Quality In Everything You Do

Working in tech or in places involving tech, there’s no question you need to move fast. You’re leveraging technology to be able to reach wider audiences, on all sorts of devices and screens. If there’s an margin for error in your work, it’s usually razor thin. I made a mistake recently, while not catastrophic, it […]