Bitfountain iOS 9 Immersive Course Review

bitfountain ios 9 immersive course review

While I’ve previously written about Bitfountain’s iOS 8 course, they have finally released their new Immersive iOS9 course hot after the WWDC 15 Announcement, but with some drastic changes from the way they did things before. On one front, their focus is entirely upon iOS9 and Swift. I’m not sure what will happen to their previous […]

WWDC15’s Announcements from Apple and What They Mean For New Developers

Swift successor to Objective C

While watching Apple’s WWDC15, you probably weren’t able peel your eyes off your screen, paying attention to every single word from Tim Cook, Craig Federighi, to what Eddy Cue said.. maybe even Drake if you’re from Toronto, Canada. However, if you were paying close attention to the iOS 9 developer focused segment, you’re interested in […]

How I Would Do Growth For Bitmaker Labs

stanford university campus quad

This is an experiment that I’m doing myself to keep my mind sharp and to constantly think about growth while I’m learning to become technical.  It’s more a creative exercise than anything and to potentially help a company that I really admire.  I don’t know if this will be a regular series or not – how helpful it […]